As one of Scandinavia’s largest roadside assistance group operating day and night in order to provide acute help on the road, Viking is aware of the its social responsibility and is committed to contributing to a safer and better society.



Viking takes a vital part in maintaining roadside safety and traffic efficiency.

Response time in case of accident or breakdown is crucial to limit the exposure of the involved vehicle to further danger. Viking’s tight network guarantees the fastest possible intervention. 

Protecting children is a major commitment area for Viking.Viking widely distributes warning roadsigns to private housing areas or schooling areas to press motorist to slow down and pay attention.


Young drivers are in focus for the deployment of Viking Telematics, a solution that is aimed at providing young drivers with feedback on their driving behavior, and guiding them to safer driving behaviors before bad habits settle in. Telematics is also used in Viking’s own fleet to ensure a safe behavior of Viking agents on the road.

Viking supports safety causes financially or technically. Viking supports projects & organizations that focus on traffic safety. MA (Motorførerne Avholdsforbund), the Norwegian association for abstinence behind the wheel, and Sunnaasstiftelsen, a Norwegian foundation supporting rehabilitation of victims of serious accident, are examples of the causes that Viking choses to be involved in.


With a large fleet on the road, Viking pays particular attention to its environmental footprint and works everyday towards reducing CO2 emissions and switching to greener operations.


A fleet in mutation. Besides the use of the latest Euro standards when replacing a vehicle in Viking’s fleet, priority is given to service vans with increased roadside repair capabilities, limiting the need for long distance towing, while operating with a substantially lower fuel consumption. A 100% electrical service van joined Viking’s fleet, and is equipped with a mobile charging unit in order to provide assistance to electrical vehicles, and offer peace of mind to their drivers.

Telematics to improve driving style and reduce fuel consumption. Any reduction in fuel consumption is a victory in the battle to a better environment. Driving style is proven to bear its share of responsibility of the overall fuel consumption. The way we break, accelerate, adapt our gear to the speed counts. Viking Telematics helps us to adopt a more Eco-driving style.

Awareness and accountability nationwide. Viking has implemented environmental measures in all areas of the value chain, including campaigns and reporting obligations in the franchise network. This is to increase awareness of the Viking Groups environmental responsibility.

Viking is the first and the only roadside assistance company in Sweden to be ISO certified (9001, 14001). 


Partnering with Naturvernforbundet in Norway increases our environmental focus and helps us with good advice and recommendations in order decrease Vikings’ carbon footprint.