Driving safer, more environmental friendly, at lower operating costs with Viking telematics.

Viking takes over the Nordic distribution of Telematics solutions developed by UK’s leading roadside assistance company, the RAC. Particularly tailored for the insurance industry and fleet management, the small box plugged into the OBD portal of the car or van will give the insurer or the fleet manager the necessary tools to manage efficiently a portfolio of insured vehicles, or a vehicle fleet.

Features and benefits of Viking Telematics:
24_7 tracking

24/7 Tracking, keep your business on track 24/7

driver behaviour

Driver behaviour, promoting positive driver behaviour and  reducing business risks

geo fencing

Geo-fencing, light up your logistics with geo-fencing

total controll

Total control, control at your convenience

greener driving

Greener driving, reduce your carbon tyre-tracks and promote greener driving

Customisable portal

Customisable portal, use your portal to track your vehicles wherever you are


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