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More services


The average lifetime of a battery is about 5 years depending on driving patterns. When a battery needs to be replaced, Viking can bring the new battery on site, mount it and bring the old one safely to an electronic waste disposal point. 

Based on the car registration plate Viking is able to uncover the right battery for the vehicle. Viking is partnering with Exide, one of the leading battery providers the world with brands like Tudor and Sønnak. The batteries are partucularly adapted to Nordic climate and the increasing electronic equipment of the vehicles. Our service vans carry the most common batteries and have local access to all further types through the logistical solution implemented with our battery supplier.  

Rental car

Viking is car rental agent for Hertz in Oslo and has nationwide agreements with most car rental companies in Scandinavia, making it possible to provide a rental car if a car breakdown enforces the need. Viking has online access to major rental car companies and can check availability on 24 hour basis based on car brand and model.